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~ ... Fluffy Yaoi Haven ... ~

Bringing Smiles For You

~ Fluffy Yaoi Haven ~
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~ Welcome to Fluffy Yaoi Haven! ~

First of all, if you do not know what ‘yaoi’ or ‘slash’ means, it means love between a male and a male (something like that). If you find this offensive, please move on to another community, thank you.

This community was opened by me (also known as Firesword in Fanfiction.Net/ForeverFandom/Fiction Alley) because there are times when I am in need of fluff to brighten up my day. So, I decided that maybe there should be a haven for short fluffy fics for everyone who is looking specifically for silly (well, maybe not silly) fluff to make them smile anytime. Therefore, as the name suggests, drabbles/one-shots/fics posted in this community must be yaoi. Works need not be restricted to just Harry Potter.

However, fics posted must be shorter than 4,000 words, and it must be placed under an lj-cut tag.

Before you post your fic, please ensure that you use the following template…

Fandom (let’s say, for example, Harry Potter, or InuYasha)
Fic Title
*Disclaimer* (Very important!)
Summary (If it’s just a drabble, you may use keywords instead of summaries)
Warnings (For example, OOC-ness...)
***Rating*** (See below for more information)
Author’s Notes

As you know, the most commonly used rating system is the (G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17). It’s up to you, but for your info, I will be using the following ratings to rate my fics.

White Flame - Very harmless and innocent, general, and suitable to be read by any age (although since this is yaoi I’m not sure I’d recommend youngsters to read.)

Green Flame - Suitable only for those who are above thirteen years of age…

Red Flame - Suitable only for those who are above sixteen years of age. Fics with this rating will have some sexual elements, though not too detailed.

Blue Flame - Very hot. Only recommended for adults.

I’m not sure about this yet, but if you wish to put your drabble/fic into the community’s memories, I think we should follow this rule:

Fandom/Fic Title/Author/Pairing/Rating

For eg.

Harry Potter/Repetitive/Firesword/HPDM/Green Flame

In short…

1. All stories must be Yaoi/Slash.
2. Fluffy and happy. No Angst. (Well, maybe a little won’t hurt, but please, you have to make readers smile.)
3. Stories must be less than 4,000 words.
4. Use template.
5. Use an lj-cut.
6. Comment and tell the author that she/he has made you happy! :)

I think that’s it for now. Have fun creating ficlets for us to read and hopefully bring smiles to our faces!