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Repetitive by Firesword. Harry Potter. HP/DM. Green Flame.

So, hope you'll enjoy this very first entry in the community. Thank you!

Fandom:Harry Potter
Fic Title: Repetitive
Author: Firesword
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and its characters belong to JK Rowling and so on. I don’t own them. The muse, however insignificant it is, is mine.
Summary: "Stop asking me silly questions, Malfoy."
Warnings: Slash, OOC, HP/DM, Post-HBP, No plot, One-shot.
Rating: Green Flame
Notes: Bunny popped in earlier this morning.

By Firesword

Draco Malfoy sat up and ignored the blazing agony on his back. With one hand clutching at the left side of his face, his right eye stared questioningly at the face before him.

"Are you all right?" Harry asked somberly.


"Why what, Malfoy?"

"Why are you here?"

"That’s a stupid question, Malfoy," Harry Potter muttered. "Get up," the wizard said and reached out for his hand.

Draco grabbed Harry’s hand and weakly stood up. He gasped as pain shot through his spine and went straight into his head. He clutched at his temple.

"We should go back now," Harry told him.

"Back where?" Draco asked in confusion.

"That’s a stupid question, Malfoy." Draco turned his head slightly and wondered at the frown on the wizard’s face. "I’m taking you back to my home."

"But why?" Draco asked and tightened his grip on Harry’s hand. "Why did you come?" Why did you come to save me?

"That’s really a stupid question," Harry growled. "Let’s find that greasy-haired bastard and go home."

"Severus?" Draco stumbled after Harry. He did not really understand what was going on, and why Severus was in the thick of it all.

"Draco, Potter. Hurry."

"Can you run?" Harry asked him and he shook his head. He suddenly felt dizzy and fell to his knees, but Harry hauled him up to his feet. The raven-haired wizard forcefully pulled his arm over broad shoulders, and Draco blushed after realizing how masculine they were. "Come."

Draco could only nod as they began to hurry past the unmoving forms of Death Eaters inside the cave. Severus was waiting for them outside, and all around the weed-covered ground, figures in black were sprawled unconscious.

"Snape, take my hand," Harry ordered.

Severus looked as though he wanted to snap but he did not.

"You cannot Apparate there on your own," Harry muttered. "You need to have me bring you there."

"Get on with it," Severus growled.

"Hang on tight," Harry said to him then.

There is no need ... you’re holding me tight enough.

When they arrived at Harry’s house, Draco ignored the pleased exclamations, groans and curses. He shook Harry’s arm hard and stared again into the green eyes.


"Stop asking me stupid questions, Malfoy," Harry barked at him before pushing him away.

Months passed. The war with Voldemort continued to rage, and his question was still unanswered. It was probably because Harry was always so busy with those who were concerned with battles. Draco and Severus were busy themselves – they were tasked to find lairs and hiding places of Voldemort’s followers and Death Eaters.

Draco returned to Harry’s home in Godric’s Hollow and he frowned when Harry met him in the corridor.

"Did you go after the Inferi?" Harry asked him in a quiet voice.

Pale, blonde eyebrows furrowed deeper. "Yes – there were only a few of them."



"Your duty is to find out where they are. Eliminating them is my job. Is that clear?"

"You can’t tell me what I can or cannot do, Potter," Draco answered just as icily.

"I can."


"Stop asking me silly questions, Malfoy. Use your head." Then Harry turned and left, and Draco, still confused with the reason why Harry had saved him in the first place, became more confused.

"Just do what he says, Malfoy, and no trouble will come," a female voice said quietly.

Draco looked over his shoulder and saw Ginny Weasley walking toward him. Her expression was stern and her light blue eyes were fierce.

"He gave you that necklace, didn’t he? Don’t make him activate its powers, then. Activating it will mean you’ll become his slave, and you won’t be able to act according to your own free will."

"Hey, Ginny! Where are you? Come up to the library! I need your help with something!"

"Damn it, Ron! Can’t you get Hermione to help you?" Ginny shouted with an annoyed expression.

"She’s already helping me – I need more help with charming these books!"

"All right! All right! I’m coming up!"

Draco stared at the witch in stunned silence and his fingers touched the surface of the silver necklace around his neck. The price... for my being here? He felt sick.

"It is not what you think it is, Draco."

He jumped and whirled around. He had not seen Severus sitting on the armchair.

"Then why am I the only one wearing it, Severus?" he asked sadly. "He doesn’t trust me."

"It is not what you think it is," Severus insisted and stood up. The wizard sighed. "Follow me to the basement. I’ll give you some salve to put on your burns."


Then what is it really?

The end of the war had arrived later than they had expected. Thousands of people – non-magical and magical folks – had died because of the unpredictability of the Dark Lord’s plans. The Order of the Phoenix was greatly battered by the continuous battles that had been inflicted of them. However, the war could not last forever – the Dark could not have the upper hand all the time. It had seemed the perfect time for the Dark Lord’s defeat.

The sky was blue with no clouds, and the sun was shining benevolently on the earth. For once, he had felt life in the air, and not death. It was such a sad contrast to the ground at his feet.

Blood was slowly tainting the earth.

Draco stood and watched the dead bodies somewhat abstractedly. It was as though it had not sunk into his mind yet, that he had seen his own mother killed by his mad aunt. Someone had produced lightning and it had killed Bellatrix instantly. It had left nothing of her.


He turned at the voice and froze.

He called me.

The silver-haired wizard stared at Harry as he limped forward. The wizard’s cheek was bleeding slightly and his right leg had several slashes.


He blinked and wondered why everything appeared hazy. However, everything seemed clear when Harry grabbed him and embraced him tightly.

"You’re all right. Gods ... you’re all right."

"Why did you save me?" Draco asked softly and pulled away so that he could look at Harry.

"You know that that is a stupid question." Harry smiled gently at him.

"But why can’t you answer me?"

Draco gazed dreamily into Harry’s eyes, and blushed slightly as thumbs caressed his cheeks lovingly.

"I didn’t want Voldemort to know that I was in love with someone who was supposedly my archenemy," Harry whispered. "That was what the necklace was supposed to do."

Draco’s fingers came up to his neck but the necklace was gone.

"Its duty was fulfilled. It’d disappeared."

"I don’t understand."

"That necklace ... everyone thought it was for me to make you obey me, or something like that. But it was actually reminding me each time to be hateful toward you anytime we had crossed paths." Harry’s eyes became more loving. "I love you, Draco."

"You do?"

"Stop ask–" Harry sighed and then he chuckled weakly. He leaned forward and kissed Draco’s lips tentatively. Harry pulled away, as though afraid to continue further.

Draco took initiative then, and slipped his fingers through Harry’s tangled hair. He pulled Harry toward him and parted his lips willingly, and tongues caught and danced with each other.

"Damn you gits! Can’t you help me out first before you paw at each other?" Ginny shouted.

"Sorry, Ginny," Harry answered hoarsely. "I’ve waited to do this for months and I’m glad I have the chance to do it. Just wait there for several minutes."

"Harry! I refuse to allow this ... this ... Auror to use me as a pillow!"

"He loves you, Ginny. Let him be."

"But – but – I don’t like him!"

"You’ll do soon enough," Draco muttered. Then he forgot all about Ginny or her voice or her protests and kissed Harry deeply again. I understand now. I love you too, Harry. "Love you too," he murmured against soft, supple lips.


Tags: green-flame-fic, harrypotter, hp/dm
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