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No more Basic Accounts on Live Journal

That means Ads, or paying not to see ads. I don't know about anyone else around here, but the ads slow my computer down a lot, which is really really annoying.

Want to know more?

Guess what? being any form of not-straight is apparently something they frown upon, too! To wit, Bisexuality, among other words, have been removed from the LJ Popular Interests page. Link goes to a grid showing pre-strikethrough numbers and current ones.

There's a Protest being organised. If you're for it, please pass along the word!

(mods, if you disapprove, feel free to remove this post - but I figure this effects everyone, fandom, non-fandom, roleplay, etc - so I wanted to pass along the word best I could)

EDIT 1900ish EST: Apparently the Interest band has been lifted so that's at least one thing to relax about. For now. :)
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